Everything we perceive is subjective. Anything we see, hear, feel, taste or smell is influenced by the experiences we have made so far and by the knowledge we have accumulated. So there is no truly objective reality for us, as we experience reality through our subjective senses and mind.

Photography and art in general is even more subjective. The presented motif, a former objective item, is filtered through the subjective view of the artist during creation and later through the subjective mind of the viewer.

Even though photography may often claim to present reality as-is and therefore being objective, choosing the perspective, framing and timing of a scene alone is already highly subjective and shows what the photographer and artist wants to express or capture. Images may correlate close to reality, but this cannot be verified by the viewer. Without context, without further knowledge, the image itself does not show an objective world, but a subjective reality.

Here on this site are images of my subjective reality.

My name is Gregor Hengst and I am a photographer based in Munich, Germany. Although fiddling with cameras in my youth and even producing B/W prints as a side project in school, I started to pursue photography with ambition in 2009, learning and discovering by myself. I enjoy mostly cityscapes, travel and street photography, architecture, details and (sometimes abstract) structures.